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SkyVents and Ventalites

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SkyVent provides superior natural ventilation and daylight in the One Product!

No running costs, silent, giving a healthier home.

SkyVent and Ventalite are manufactured by Environmental Sciences Australia (ESA) in Australia and distributed throughout New Zealand by Environmental Sciences New Zealand Limited. In July 2012 ESA was named in top 30 Australian Clean Tech companies. 

See how SkyVent  (SeaBreezer the previous name) works, watch the video at the bottom of the page; the most efficient skylight ventilator on the market, 40 -100% better ventilation rate than competitors products due to its patented design!

The benefits of natural ventilation and daylighting to wellbeing and productivity are now well known. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) issues associated with older poorly designed buildings include, moulds, fungal spores, condensation, dustmites and asthma. Newer airtight buildings have in many cases exasperated these issues leading to higher CO2 levels and other air contaminants being trapped inside buildings.

Utilising natural ventilation and daylighting principles is a science that ESA understands.

How we can help?

Our products SkyVent and Ventalite are designed to enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by utilising low cost natural means, bringing daylight inside to dark recessed spaces and providing natural ventilation for the removal of stale/contaminated air.  The combined effect makes the home healthier and there are no on-going running costs.

The innovative SkyVent attic vent allows daylight and ventilation into the attic space, helping to reduce condensation, keep insulation dry while utilising natural air flow via advanced wind extraction and improved stack and buoyancy characteristics for nil wind conditions. The revolutionary SkyVent with its combined function allows light and ventilation into any room of the house.  Now that is smart!

These products will save you energy, help protect your assets, protect the environment and save you money.

The perfect combination: a SkyVent for the attic space and a SkyVent/Ventalite for the bathroom and laundry! 

You can control the diffuser by rotating this  to control airflow.  Also by attaching the laundry drier and mechanical fans to the SkyVent lightpipe this allows for direct exhaust.  SkyVent also aids the HRV or DVS to exit exhaust air in the bathrooms when the house is under pressure.